Principal's Message

I consider it a privilege and honor to be promoted as the Principal of K. J. Somaiya School and College of Nursing.

The Institute offers a 3 year Diploma Program in registered nursing and Midwifery, 4 year Graduate Program in Basic B.Sc. Nursing and 2 years post Graduate Programe in Masters in Nursing with speciality Critical Care Nursing, Obstetrics and Gynecology Nursing and Mental Health Nursing.

Nursing, according to me, is a unique profession which has a blend of Cognitive, Psychomotor and affective domain. Nursing education empowers one to lift oneself from darkness to light.


I feel that education should not be confined only to books, but empower oneself to explore various avenues. The students who join the institute are young with creative minds and ideas of their own. Each of them have innate abilities and their own strengths. As a facilitator, mentor, educator it is our bound duty to tap their interest and to build and inculcate the right values amongst them. The focus of the institute is to develop the personality of the student and to prepare nurses with right knowledge, kind and proper attitude.

The faculty along with all the non-teaching and supportive staff strive to provide quality nursing education in order for them to render standard nursing care in the health care area.

I, as a Principal, look forward to seeing the institute in the limelight and to be recognized as one of the best Nursing Institutions.

Avani Harshad Oke


K. J. Somaiya School and College of Nursing