Exam Code of Conduct

  • Students should reach 15 minutes prior in the exam hall.
  • Bags and books must be deposited in the common room.
  • Students should enter the details on the answer sheets at the start of the exam.
  • Follow the rules for the materials to be taken in the exam hall.
  • Students should follow college dress code.
  • The students must enter the class room with writing material and ID card only.
  • For practicals, students should be in a neat ironed uniform with roll numbers displayed and should carry necessary practical kit in a transparent box.

Instructions for students during exams

Following Things are allowed In Exam Hall :

  • Writing material
  • Transparent writing pad
  • Transparent pouch
  • Water bottle

Following Things are Not allowed In Exam Hall :

  • Wallet
  • Money
  • Mobile, smart watches or any electronic device
  • Chits
  • Aprons