Innovative Teaching

Teachers use innovative teaching methods like concept maps, mind maps, surveys, exhibitions and debates to nurture creativity and to motive learning. They also use various ICT tools such as smart boards, google apps, testimonials, kahoot, pictograph etc. Participatory learning is encouraged through seminars, presentations, discussions, bedside clinics and procedure demonstrations in the classroom and clinical setting.

Students are provided with various brainstorming assignments and projects that stimulate learning. Flipped classroom is also practiced where the students are introduced to content at home and use classroom time for more interactive exercises.

Clinical teaching is patient centric as well evidence based. From first year, students are introduced towards holistic patient care approach, where they are accountable for comprehensive patient care including patient’s hygienic care, medication, diet, health education etc.

Students also participate in various research studies as a part of their curriculum. They are encouraged to follow evidenced based best practices in patient care.