The Vision

Every association binds its members together as a coherent group towards a common goal. The Alumni association of K J Somaiya College of Nursing envisages to keep alive the flame of unity in all its members as per the ideals of Dr. Avani Oke the Principal of the Institution. The spirit and the ideals of love and service imbibed can be a motivating force to be permeated in all activities of the students even after they leave the institution. The association thus serves as a connecting link fostering friendship and fellowship among all its alumni and also providing opportunities for continued self development through scientific, professional, social and cultural programs organized periodically.

Institutions have a registered Alumni Association. It organizes programmes to inspire and motivate the ongoing students to develop interest in Nursing field through Alumni Association. Alumni give feedback on programs, personal and professional development, foreign opportunities, offer placement services to students, clinical orientated skill based training programmes.

Alumni Refers to person who have Completed a Course and Graduated from Higher Learning Institution (or) to a person who is no longer a full time Student (or) has graduated from an Institution.


  • To cultivate and foster friendship and fellowship among the present and past students and teachers of K.J Somaiya College of Nursing.
  • To encourage the students to develop affection and gratitude towards alumni and contribute to its progress.
  • To build a strong alumni network amongst the alumni community.
  • To create common interest groups and provide forum.
  • To communicate the ongoing/ activities to the alumni all over the world
  • To Interact among the Alumni & Present Students.
  • Encourage alumni participation with their Institution.
  • To encourage students and teachers present and to contribute articles to the college magazines.
  • To organise, sacrifice, professional social and cultural programme and to promote continued profession and self development.
  • Alumni Association provides an opportunity to Maintain Lifelong touch with our former Academic and Professional students, to celebrate their Success and to provide support for their future.
  • To organize scientific, professional, social and cultural programs and thus to promote continued professional and self development.
  • To develop funding for the benefit of the association by donations, contributions, aids, membership fees and subscriptions.
  • To ensure that K. J Somaiya College of Nursing mission and values are upheld by present and future growth alumni faculty and staff.
  • To develop funding for the benefit of the association by donations, contributions, aids, membership fees and subscriptions.


  • To Encourage the Alumni Interaction with their present students
  • To assist the college to Obtain Necessary funds for various facilities.
  • To Endeavor to seek the permission and Advancement of Nursing Profession
  • To update the knowledge and Skills in Current Trends in the Nursing Profession.
  • It Honors the Alumni for exchange ideas and views of professional development.
  • To Promote Strengthen and Foster fellowship among the former students of Nandha college of Nursing.
  • To continue and uphold the Ideas and Future of College of Nursing Through Good Public Programme.
  • To encourage the Students of College of Nursing in Their Professional and Personal Growth.


  • To reunite in the nest from where we grew and flew off.
  • To provide a platform for students to develop their qualities.
  • To participate in social welfare activities for social accountability.
  • To provide job opportunities to fresh bachelors through references of professionals.
  • To conduct orientation and training programs to students on various topics to enhance their skills.
  • To create awareness among students about the scope of their subject in the professional world.
  • To build a bridge between college life and career life, so as to introduce present students to the professional world and to make them proactive to face the challenges that may emerge in their career path.

Mrs Avani Oke


Dr. Avani Oke is working as the Principal of K.J, Somaiya School and College of Nursing since 2014 and President of Nursing.

Dr Avani Oke has more than 20 years of teaching and about 3 years of clinical experience before climbing the ladder as a Principal. Dr Avani Oke has completed her Masters in Nursing (Child Health Nursing) and PH.D from Leelabai Thackersey College of Nursing, SNDT Women's University with First class. She also did Post Graduate Diploma in Education Management from SNDT University, Mumbai with A Grade.

She has won Best Teacher Award in 2018 and was honored at the27th TNAI Biennial Conference held at Loni. She also won laurels for the institute and won the Best MQH practice award in February 2018 at the National conference organized by Ramkrishna Bajaj National Quality award trust. The institute was also featured in Top 20 Most promising nursing colleges in Silicon India magazine under her leadership.

Dr Avani Oke has presented papers at State, National and International Conferences. She has also published papers in various newsletters and journals. She is on the TNAI editorial board and is an editor for the journal “International Journal of Nursing and Occupational Health”.

Dr Avani has been a coordinator, chairperson for organizing conferences, workshops and seminars.

Mr Akshay Rode

Vice President

Mr. Askhay Rode is Vice President of Alumni Association of K.J Somaiya School and College of Nursing. He has completed his General nursing and Midwifery Diploma from K. J Somaiya School of Nursing in January , 2018 and Currently Working in K.J Somaiya Hospital and Research center as a Staff Nurse in Surgical OT

Ms Selvi Nadar


Mrs Selvi Nadar joined as clinical instructor in K.J Somaiya School of Nursing in 2018. She has completed her Basic B.Sc.Nursing from and Masters in Psychiatric Nursing from . She has 9 years of teaching and 3 years of clinical experience.

Mr Suresh Pillai

Jt Secretary

Mr. Suresh Pillai is Jt. Secretary of Alumni Association of K.J Somaiya School and College of Nursing. He completed his Basic B.Sc.Nursing from K. J Somaiya College of Nursing in 2017 and Currently Working in Grandport Hospital as a team leader.

Mr Prathmesh Parab


Mr. Prathamesh Parab is working as an Accountant and treasurer of Alumni Association. He has completed his graduation in commerce and is well acquainted in use of tally, MS Office and Excel.He has a rich experience in accounting at various firms.

Mr Hishikesh Gurav

Assistant Treasurer

Mr. Hishikesh Gurav is Assistant Treasurer of Alumni Association of K.J Somaiya School and College of Nursing. He completed his General nursing and Midwifery Diploma from K. J Somaiya School of Nursing in January , 2019 and Currently Working in K.J Somaiya Hospital and Research center as a Staff Nurse in ICU.

Ms Ajita Chavan


Mrs Ajita Chavan joined as clinical instructor in K.J Somaiya School of Nursing in 2016. She completed her Post Basic B.Sc.Nursing in 2012. She has 9 years of teaching experience.

Mrs Jaayshree Salvi


Jayashree Salvi is working as the Vice Principal of K.J, Somaiya School and College of Nursing.

She has more than 19 years of teaching and about 2 years of clinical experience. She is a Graduate from Leelabai Thackersey College of Nursing and completed her M.Sc in Community Health Nursing from Bombay Hospital College of Nursing.

She has also been a chairperson, organizing Secretary for various workshops, conferences and seminars. She has published research papers in National and International journals.


Akshay Rode

Mrs.Kranti Trishul Katyarmal

K.J Somaiya College of Nursing BSc had spent an incredible 4 years with lots of fun, studies, activities and so on. It has given me so many great opportunities to stand strong and fight against every situation personally and professionally. In these 4 years I became a completely different person. I am strong,independent,able to accept challenges,able to face the world with a smile, enthusiastic,and the Institute made this for me. Thank you so much for shaping us into better individuals.

Rasulraj Maske

Rasulraj Maske

At K J Somiya College of nursing, I came across numerous amazing personalities. The time spent was the best time, wherein it utilized both my talent and improved my skills.All the faculties are supportive and knowledgeable in their respective fields. There are many opportunities to explore. I was even part of a few committees at the college which made me grow in communication skills and even as a person. My Time Spent in college was a ravishing part of my educational journey. The course I chose was extravagant and helped me a lot to secure a stable career in real and competitive life ahead. The Faculty coaching in College is extremely helpful and polite. The college and staff has really helped me to withstand my life compared to work and challenging abilities.

Akshay Rode

Akshay Rode

I want to express how thankful and proud I am to be a somaiyain. I chose Somaiya college of Nursing because of its fantastic reputation, atmosphere and clinical opportunity. I am very thankful for the time teachers spend teaching us to think critically and live compassionately. They have equipped us well to be quality nurses. It is the Best Nursing college in mumbai. I am happy to be a student of Somaiya College of Nursing. It has been both a conducive environment as well as good teachers who are ready to work. We had good clinical exposure in the government hospital, KEM, we were trained in our well equipped fundamental laboratory before our clinical posting. The college provides excellent services. We are treated like themselves even though we are foreigners.

Akshay Rode

Mr. Nishad Thale

K.J. Somaiya College of Nursing. One of the best nursing college in Mumbai. Why best?? Because it has one of the Best Faculty Members, best Campus, best educational facilities and best clinical experience. It is a Factory for supplying qualified and highly skilled Nurses to various well known NABH / JCI accredited Private hospitals of Mumbai and other various hospitals all over the world. But why nursing here is not Boring ? It is because the college not only focus on Academic development but also provide opportunities for Extracurricular activities like Sports, cultural programs, Intercollege events, community programs, social activities and many many many more things !.. So if you want to be a perfect professional Nurse and make your graduation a memorable one, then you should surely think about K.J Somaiya College of Nursing.